Spectrum Stadium

Spectrum Stadium, formerly known as Bright House Networks Stadium.

UCF’s Spectrum Stadium has some issues, according to a lawsuit UCF filed against the contractors and architects through Orange County Circuit Court.

According to the lawsuit, “the defects identified were proximately cause by improper design and/or construction of the project” including failure to comply with requirements, filed and approved construction plans, and standards of “good workmanship.”

Groups sued in the lawsuit are Wharton Smith, Dant Clayton Corporation, 360 Architecture – FL Inc., Harris Civil Engineering, LLC, Engineering Technologies Corporation, Universal Engineering Sciences, Inc., and Fred Schmalzer.

The stadium was built in 2007, and about five years after building the stadium UCF officials said the foundation was still good but they started to see rust on the steel. In 2013 UCF tried to remediate the rust but athletics officials said it seems to be getting worse.

“Every year UCF is required to do an inspection and there are always little issues, such as screws, handrails and seats being loose,” Executive Associate Athletics Director David Hansen said. “But the steel being exposed to the Florida moisture is what is causing the rust.”

The paint the constructors and architects used to seal and protect the steel is the root of the problem.

“It doesn’t feel normal for a stadium that only 10 years old,” Hansen said. “Cost is becoming an issue.”

Hansen said he believes the cost to do maintenance is unfair.

“It shouldn’t be all on us,” Hansen said. “Someone else should share in the cost.”

The plan for the future is to remove and recoat the paint and get the stadium back to looking new and adding a new maintenance plan, with the expectation that the new paint will last longer than six years, Hansen said.

Hansen said UCF is hoping to receive help from those filed in the lawsuit with the costs of future maintenance issues. 

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