Cincinnati, UCF apply to Big 12

Both UCF and the University of Cincinnati formally make a bid for admission into the Big 12 conference on Wednesday, Sept. 8. Since joining the American Athletic Conference in 2013, UCF has won four conference championships and went 13-0 in 2017. 

UCF officially submitted its application to join the Big 12 Conference on Wednesday, according to UCF Sports

UCF is the latest school to apply for a spot in the conference, following applications from the University of Houston, the University of Cincinnati and Brigham Young University, according to the report. UH submitted its application on Tuesday after a unanimous vote from its Board of Regents, according to the Houston Chronicle. UC formally submitted its application on Wednesday, the Cincinnati Enquirer reported.

UCF, UH and UC are required to give a 27-month notice to the American Athletic Conference and pay a $10 million exit penalty. The Big 12 decided to expand the conference after Texas and Oklahoma announced their plans to join the Southeastern Conference, according to the Orlando Sentinel.

The league's presidents are scheduled to meet Friday to vote on university admissions, with the league having the eight votes needed for conference expansion, according to Sports Illustrated.

If selected to the Power Five conference, UCF would be able to take advantage of new competitive opportunities, adding to a record that's already filled with championship wins. UCF's first football season was in 1979. The Knights have won four championships since joining the AAC in 2013, becoming the youngest program in 35 years to win a New Year's Six/BCS bowl game against Baylor University in the 2014 Fiesta Bowl, according to UCF Athletics.

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