Antwan Collier

Senior defensive back Antwan Collier watches his teammates during a scrimmage held in August. This was the Knights first full scrimmage since the COVID-19 pandemic. Collier was arrested early Thursday morning.

Senior defensive back Antwan Collier was arrested by UCF Police on the main campus early Thursday morning, according to an Orange County Clerk of Courts affidavit.  

Collier was charged with carrying a concealed firearm and driving with a suspended license, Officer Yan Rojas said in a police report. 

According to a supplement police report filed by Officer Jeffery Hopkins, the traffic stop was conducted after he spotted two vehicles racing each other on Alafaya Tr. 

"I observed one of the vehicles, a gray sedan, run the red light at Alafaya Trl. & Research Pkwy., nearly striking a vehicle that was stopped at the red light," Hopkins said in the police report.

The gray sedan was driven by Collier with redshirt senior linebacker Eric Mitchell and redshirt senior defensive backs Brandon Moore and Aaron Robinson in the passenger seats, according to the police report.

They were stopped by Rojas near the intersection of Gemini Blvd. and Libra Dr. where Collier's arrest would occur at 2:53 a.m., according to the affidavit.

According to the police report, after Collier said he was "working on getting his license," he also admitted to having a handgun underneath his seat. Rojas and Hopkins proceeded to search the car, referencing "the odor of cannabis emanating form the vehicle." While the search did not turn up any cannabis, Rojas did find Collier's handgun underneath his seat.

Collier wasn't the only one that had a weapon in the car. According to Cpl. Ricardo Lopez in the police report, Mitchell had two weapons of his own in a backpack. However, while Mitchell had a valid Concealed Weapons Permit, Collier did not, despite claiming he had.

"Mitchell asked why he couldn't just claim the gun was his to save Collier from being arrested," Cpl. Frank Imparato said in the police report.

As the traffic stop was being conducted, according to the police report, five other UCF football players arrived at the scene in a gray Mercedes. Only one, sophomore linebacker Jeremiah Jean-Baptiste, was identified by name in the police report by Imparato.

Officer Julie Wilk said in the police report that the other football players that arrived on the scene made deregatory comments when she told them to not interfere with the stop. They were standing across the street from the stop.

Imparato said in the police report that once Collier was placed in handcuffs, Jean-Baptiste and the other unidentified football players became "upset and emotional."

This included shouting several profanities at the officers involved in the traffic stop, according to Wilk in the police report. 

The full police report, obtained by, can be read here.

Collier was booked into Orange County Jail without incident at 4:57 a.m., according to the affidavit.

Collier posted bond and released at 8 a.m. Thursday morning.

According to Officer Agustin Gonzalez in the police report, as of Thursday afternoon, Collier was undergoing a Interim Suspension process from UCF and was awaiting a final decision from the Student Rights and Responsibiliies Office.

“UCF Athletics officials are aware of the matter involving Antwan Collier," Heisler said. "We have no further comment as we learn additional details about the situation."

The entire traffic stop was captured on officer body camera, which can be viewed below.

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