Pegasus Seal

A large Pegasus seal resides in the UCF Student Union.

The UCF Student Government Association's Election Commission announced winners of 50th Senate seats Wednesday in the Student Union.

Elections were held from Oct. 2 to Oct. 4, and a total of 3,477 votes were cast. The winners are as follows:

College of Arts and Humanities:

Emilia Kosonen, Antione Fields, Rachel Mungoven and Jessie Slomowitz

College of Business Administration:

Jeremy Batista, Spencer Lasday, Corey Marcous, Joshua Paul, Alex Teblum, Lauren Phillips, Samuel Cooper and Daniel Morris

College of Education and Human Performance:

Ashley Samson

College of Engineering and Computer Sciences:

Joshua Bolona, Jackson DiMaria, Joseph Cubow, Emmauel Gabriel-Ohanu, Forrest McClellan, Holland Weaver, Haeun Kim, Richard Hyman and Daniel McLean

College of Graduate Studies:

Rasika Rajapakshage, Kiana Terrell and Andrea Osorio

College of Health and Public Affairs:

Sierra Scott, Austen Hopson, Cole Simon, Kirk Dourvetakis, Brittney Cooper, Joshua Grossman, Brett Goldberg, Scott Gerstel and Rick Schoppe

College of Medicine:

Erika Lytle, David Sidhom and Christopher Hazen

College of Nursing:

Kayla Senecal and Rebecca Coven

College of Sciences:

Natalia Caballero, Ari Bell, Emily Nole, Kayla Goldfarb, Joseph Davis, Harry Jorgenson, Raven Peters, Dorel Yosef, Karen Caudillo, Robert Hill and Fritz-Nerlain Bechette

Rosen College of Hospitality Management:

Annalise Bockin, Tracy Whitney and Kevin Garcia

College of Optics and Photonics:

Sean Isenberg



Undergraduate Studies:

Theressa Tong and Robert Sells

Now that elections are over, Sen. Karen Caudillo, a junior political science major, feels that that a weight is lifted off her shoulders and is ready to get to work.

“I just want to make sure whatever organizations are on campus that need funding ... get the adequate funding,” Caudillo said. “I want to make sure that everything is done ethically and responsibly.”

Senators were sworn in at the start of the first meeting of the 50th Senate Thursday at 7 p.m. Leadership positions were also elected at the first meeting by the senators.

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