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The total amount of reported crimes on UCF’s main campus decreased in 2016, but non-drug or alcohol related crimes rose, according to the UCF Police Department's Annual Security and Fire Safety Guide.

The guide, published on Oct. 1, showed that 505 reported crimes occurred on campus in 2016, compared with 552 in 2015. Of the 505 crimes reported in 2016, 152 did not involve drugs or alcohol and 353 did. In 2015, 148 of the 552 reported crimes did not involve drugs or alcohol and 356 did.

Dating violence, domestic violence and stalking reports on campus all slightly increased in 2016.

“These types of crimes are an unfortunate reality in our society, and sexual assault in particular is underreported in general and even more so on college campuses,” said UCFPD spokeswoman Courtney Gilmartin.

Burglary also slightly increased in 2016, according to the report. Last year saw 36 reported cases on campus compared with 34 in 2015. Although these numbers rose, Gilmartin said it’s not necessarily bad.

“Our programming and awareness initiatives share information about reporting options, so to see that number increase isn’t a bad thing because it means that we are connecting with more people and helping them,” she said.

While some crimes have been increasing, drug and alcohol related arrests and referrals have been steadily decreasing since 2014, on and around the main campus. To prevent crimes from happening in the future, Gilmartin said common sense and vigilance go a long way.

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