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Student Body President Kyler Gray announces a rebrand of Student Government on Monday Sept 16. The rebrand included a new logo and a name change from Student Government Association to Student Government. 

Welcome to the new world of UCF's Student Government. Formerly known as the Student Government Association, student body President Kyler Gray announced a rebrand of the organization this Monday.

The rebrand, which includes a new name and logo, came to be after Gray noticed a lack of student knowledge on what student government offers and what resources are available to students.

“We had to extend our outreach and improve our initiatives in transparency and accountability to know that we’re being good stewards of student funds,” Gray said. “As well as keeping the student body informed of what we are doing.”

Daniel Robles, student government director of communications, said their social media accounts will become more student centered. They will be highlighting different registered student organizations and using social media as a tool to ensure student voices are heard.

On Mondays, student government plans to do campus highlights where they will send out information to students via their social media platforms informing them of things happening on campus that week.

“We want to work as an avenue for RSOs to push out their information,” Robles said. “We encourage any students who want to see change to reach out to student government.”

Gray said that in the past student government only ran and promoted their own events. They now want to become a resource for students who are putting on their own events, but don’t know what resources they have access to.

“We’re focused on student empowerment, and connecting students to the resources that they need,” Gray said. “Most importantly, we want to engage communities that have been left silent previously by student government.”

Carmen Gray, student government executive director of administration, said the rebrand is not just what is being shared on social media. There has also been a shift in how the judicial, legislative and executive branches all work together.

“Our inner branch relations are much better now with judicial and legislative,” Carmen Gray said. “We all work now cohesively, there's no more back and forth and we are all constantly making changes and working together.”

The executive branch has already been successful in their initiative to increase student outreach as they gave away 100 student tickets for the UCF vs. FAU football game on Sept 7.

They also provided two charter buses which transported students to and from the game. Robles said access to away games is something the branch will continue to look to do in the future. 

Kyler Gray said they will continue to gauge student perception and opinions through research and surveys. As for now, the future of student government lies in the interest of students.

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