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UCF's Student Government Association office located on the second floor in the Student Union.

Student lockers will be available on the first, second and third floors of UCF's Student Union starting Monday.

The announcement was made by Student Government Association Chief of Staff Emily Nole at Thursday night's UCF SGA Senate meeting. There are 88 lockers in total, which are free for students to use, and can be accessed with a passcode students create themselves, UCF Student Body President Josh Boloña said.

The lockers, which can fit about two backpacks, will mostly be found on the first floor of the Student Union, Boloña said. The fewest number of lockers will be on the third floor. 

Boloña and SGA Student Body Vice President Jad Shalhoub discussed introducing lockers in the Student Union as one of their campaign platform points in spring 2018. The lockers, installed on Thursday, were the first platform point on Boloña and Shalhoub’s agenda. 

Boloña said the lockers cost $24,000 and were paid for with funds left over from the 2017-2018 budget. 

"Luckily, that operation didn't affect any of our budget this year," Boloña said.

Michael Riley, an SGA senator representing the College of Graduate Studies, said he believes the implementation of new lockers is a good idea.

"It gives students an opportunity to secure their stuff when testing or working on campus,” Riley said.

SGA Deputy Chief of Staff Antione Fields said he is excited for the lockers because he believes lockers in the Student Union are a better alternative to keeping items in cars or paying for a locker in UCF’s Testing Center.

“You can just stop by the Union, drop off your stuff, potentially come to the SGA office, grab your Scantron and then head to class to take your test,” Fields said. “When you come back, all your stuff is here. No more back and forth trips to your car.”

SGA also announced that UCF Student Health Services will be providing free 20-minute health check-ups starting Tuesday and running through Thursday. The service is available through walk-in appointments from 1 p.m to 3 p.m. in the Orange Pod on the second floor of the Health Center on UCF's main campus. 

The health check-ups are designed with the intention of increasing wellness check-ups for students by making the visit less intimidating, Fields said.

“The idea of it is you come in, get your check-up and they’ll tell you the things you can improve on so you aren’t getting shamed on what you ‘should’ be doing,” Fields said. “It’s a progressive way of check-ups that’s supposed to uplift you and just give you recommendations on how you can just live your life better. So you feel more comfortable coming there and not feeling like it’s demeaning.”

Earlier this year, UCF Student Health Services earned the No. 15 spot on Princeton Review’s annual Best Colleges list for having one of the best health centers in the nation.

“We’re making sure students are taking care of themselves,” Fields said. "College students have a lot going on so we're reminding them to take the time to de-stress and be healthy."

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