The Board of Trustees promoted UCF Police Chief Richard Beary to chief emeritus before he swore in five new officers to the UCF Police Department Wednesday.

Beary was honored with a new badge that he humbly accepted in front of an audience filled with colleagues and family members, and after 27 years this will be the last time he will be honored and be able to honor others in this ceremony.    

“Chief Beary is, of course, very modest,” Deputy Chief Brett Meade said. “A 41-year career and he’s done just about anything that a law enforcement officer can do locally, county and state, nationally and internationally.”

Beary then gave a speech on his time at UCF and the family atmosphere within its police department.

“I can promise you that we will give your loved one the best training that we know how to give, the best equipment that we can buy, the best advice that we can possibly come up with and more importantly, I think, is give them a family they can lean on and people they can talk to,” he said.

Devin Narine, Kevin Quintero, Bianca Becker, Albert Sammelian and Dawn Ferrara were the five new officers that were sworn in and received their badges from Beary that were pinned on by their loved ones.

“UCF sponsored me through the academy, so I’ve been looking forward to this for a long time,” Becker, who is also a UCF alum, said. “UCF has a lot to offer and I think I have a lot to offer you guys as well.”

The rest of the officers went on to express why they also chose to come work at UCF.

“I’m all about coming here and doing a lot of community policing with UCF and also I would like to be a mentor to the younger officers on this job and also with younger college students," Ferrara said.

Beary is confident UCF will be in good hands after he passes the torch.

“I do know that I am leaving it better than I found it and there are some incredibly talented people, so I am excited about the future of UCF,” Beary said. “I am looking forward to spending some time in being 'Papa Bear,' as my grandchildren call me.”

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