One artist is using a laser cutter to design long-boards.

The UCF Innovation Lab is open for nearly a year now. It’s a place where any UCF student can come to prototype their concepts and ideas. The lab houses 3-D printers, laser cutters, computers, tool sets and work stations that help students see their ideas come to life.

According to the UCF Industrial Engineering and Management Systems (IEMS) officials, it’s normally filled with ten to 20 students at any given time — normally those students are engineering majors.

But lately, more non-engineering majors have been using the lab.

Jake Hartigan, an artist who designs custom long-boards, attempted to use the lab this past week. His goal was to use a laser cutter to burn one of his drawings on to a long-board.

He believes that by using a laser cutter he can cut his production time by more than half.

Jake recently launched “Passion Fruit” (a creative design company), after his artwork started getting attention around campus.

“I started long-boarding and I didn't like the artwork on my board,” Hartigan said. “So I scrapped it and sanded it down and did my own pen work. After doing that, it just sort of caught on and I really enjoyed doing it."

The video below is a timelapse of Jake's first attempt using the laser cutter.


Jake says that sometime in the next few days he will attempt to engrave a full board.

Story, photo and video by Chad Erwin.

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