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The University of Central Florida has suspended a fraternity as the university investigates alleged instances of hazing and sexual misconduct.

According to documents received from UCF, the Director of the Office of Student Involvement Michael S. Gilmer informed the Alpha Alpha chapter of the Lambda Theta Phi Latin Fraternity of his decision last Tuesday.

“[The] Alpha Alpha Chapter of Lambda Theta Phi Fraternity is to be placed on suspension for an interim basis from this University effective immediately pending the outcome of your disciplinary case,” Gilmer said in a email to the fraternity. 

The interim suspension stems from a Student Conduct Incident Report filed last Monday that alleged instances of hazing and an instance of sexual misconduct occurred during the fraternity's pledging process. 

According to the incident report, three pledges claim to have undergone an intense pledging process. They were subjected to exercises that “pushed them to physical and mental exhaustion,” according to the report.

In an email statement to NSM Today, Lambda Theta Phi Latin Fraternity Executive Director Jarod Cruz said the fraternity has also placed the Alpha Alpha Chapter under suspension and will cooperate with UCF, as well as take any additional action necessary when the institution concludes its investigation. 

The incident report also said that sexual misconduct was a result of an alleged victim being "severely mentally, physically incapacitated due from the alcohol consumption and was unable to legally consent to any form of sexual intercourse."

The incident report also refers to laws the fraternity is alleged to have violated. “Despite Florida’s laws and the university’s policies of hazing and rape prevention Alpha Alpha chapter has chosen to neglect those very principles," the incident report said. 

The Alpha Alpha chapter will be facing four separate charges in total, including two involving hazing, one regarding sexual misconduct and a final charge of alcohol-related misconduct stemming from alcohol being given to a person under the legal drinking age, according to an Office of Student Conduct email obtained by NSM Today. 

“We find the allegations disturbing as they stand in direct contradiction to our mission and values to promote the spirit of brotherhood, empower Latinx students and promote Latinx culture,” Cruz also said in an email to NSM Today.

According to the email Gilmer sent to the fraternity, while on suspension, the fraternity will be prevented from "participating in, on or off campus fundraisers, socials, mixers, intramural competitions, receptions, service projects, conferences, chapter meetings, conclaves, etc." 

A hearing to review the actions has been set by the Office of Student Conduct and is scheduled for Monday. 

Originally published on June 27, 2017. 

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