Corporal Mario Jenkins and his K9

UCF criminology students are coming together to remember a fallen officer.

Professor Irna Malendevych's Victims and Criminal Justice class is creating a student scholarship in honor of former University of Central Florida Police Corporal Mario Jenkins.

The money will come from an auction on Tuesday, 6 p.m. at the Barbara Ying Center.

Jenkins joined UCFPD in 2001, but died by friendly fire undercover on September 24, 2005, according to the event's Facebook page.

Back then, UCF had its football games at the Florida Citrus Bowl. His GoFundMe page says he was "mortally wounded during a scuffle with the students."

UCF junior Rasil Freija took the reigns and created the GoFundMe account, although the whole class is fundraising.

"Not only do we get to recognize the only UCF police officer that has been killed in the line of duty, but we also want to give a student who wants to become a police officer some financial assistance," Freija said.

The Twitter flyer on Facebook calls it "a celebration of life of Corporal Mario Jenkins."

Sergeant Robert Slavik says he worked with Jenkins for three years and that this scholarship means a lot not only to him, but all the officers who worked with Jenkins.

"I think Mario would be very honored to have this scholarship in memory of his dedicated service to the UCF community," Slavik said.

There will be both a silent and live auction.

All proceeds will go toward building the first police academy scholarship in memory of Jenkins.

Frieja says that police academy can get very expensive.

Although this is a service learning project for the CCJ 3667 class, Freija says it has become emotional for her and some classmates that have met Jenkins' parents.

"Not only can we recognize him, but we can create a better future for a UCF student," Freija says.

As of last check, the GoFundMe page has raised over $800.

Some of the donors include the San Fransisco 49ers, Hampton Inn, Tijuana Flats and Chick-Fil-A.

Jenkins is the only UCF police officer ever killed in the line of duty. The flyer says his family, friends and co-workers will be there.

Originally published April 18

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