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Africa is the second-largest continent in the world with a variety of geographical features, but according to Professor Michael Bamidele Adeyemi, of the University of Botswana, many Americans believe that Africa is an uncivilized country, where the average African is polygamous and not urban…

Outside the Student Union, dozens of UCF students, some of them “Dreamers,” rallied in solidarity to show support for each other and give awareness to the student body that there is only a month left to pass the Dream Act. Thursday, Nov. 9, was declared a "Day of Action for a Clean Dream Act…

In politics, Christianity is often associated with conservative ideals and policy proposals. But on Wednesday night, student organization Knights for Socialism held an event highlighting a more left-leaning conception of the faith.

As UCF is working to become a Hispanic-Serving Institution — a federal designation that provides grants to increase educational opportunities for Hispanic students — various Hispanic/Latino-based Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) are popping up on campus.

Over 200 concerned citizens poured into a meeting room at the Orange County Health Department Wednesday night to voice their opinions on the proposed language for Amendment 2, which legalized medical marijuana in Florida Nov. 8, 2016, although it remains illegal federally.

Although UCF President John C. Hitt released a statement regarding the White House executive order, an online petition titled “Do not make UCF a ‘sanctuary campus’" is being spread on social media.

Knights for Bernie at the University of Central Florida wants everyone to "feel the Bern" and vote for Bernie Sanders this election season, but they know it will be an uphill battle.