Senators in costume

SGA senators dressed up to celebrate Halloween during a senate meeting Oct. 26, 2017.

The UCF Student Government Association senate passed seven bills to the final step Thursday for registered student organizations to receive a total of more than $48,000 in funding for trips or to host events.

The bills were passed on their second reading, so the next step is to assess details for the third reading.

“It’s the first fiscal bills on second reading we’ve seen all session,” Speaker of the Senate Josh Boloña said. “I think we were caught a little bit off guard with the quantity of bills, and we’ll iron out the details."

Clubs that received funding include: the Student Personnel Association, American Chemical Society, Multicultural Association of Pre-Health Students, College of Republicans, National Society of Minorities of Hospitality, Muslim Student Association and the Student Athletic Trainer’s Organization.

Funds for the trips help cover travel, hotels, fees and other costs. The total amount of money allocated to the clubs was $48,212.33.

The most expensive trip was for the Multicultural Association of Pre-Health Students. The association received more than $10,000 for 16 members to travel to San Francisco for an educational conference.

The least expensive trip was almost $4,000 for the Student Athletic Trainer’s Organization to travel to a training symposium in Atlanta.

The senate also saw four bills on notice of first reading, so they did not have to be voted on or debated over to go to notice of second legislation and were assigned to committees. No bills were heard on notice of third legislation.

During the internal legislation portion of the meeting, the senate saw five bills to update various titles to different statues, agencies and branches. Four resolutions were also approved to update rules and increase funding to certain aspects of senate.

To celebrate Halloween, senators were allowed to dress up in costumes. Senators dressed up in costumes that ranged from a witch to a panda to a nurse.

“We started it last year and we need to continue for years to come,” Sen. Jeremy Batista said of dressing up. “It makes everything a little more fun and it makes our long meetings a little better.”

The next senate meeting will be on Nov. 2 where the seven bills will be on notice of third reading.

Editor's Note: This story was edited Oct. 28 with a correction to Sen. Jeremy Batista's name. 

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