SGA provides Ecofetti for graduation pictures

UCF 2017 graduates Courtney Flynn (left) and Ambar Temsamani (right) pose for a picture together in anticipation of graduation. As tradition has it, that graduates toss glitter near/in the reflecting pond for pictures, this year SGA is offering biodegradable confetti for graduates to use.

UCF’s Student Government Association introduces more ways for our campus to stay eco-friendly by introducing Eco-fetti.

For students graduating this semester, SGA is offering biodegradable confetti to use for their graduation pictures instead of metallic confetti most students use.

Ecofetti is a water-soluble, non-toxic and biodegradable confetti.

SGA’s Health and Sustainability Coordinator Skylar Varone-Chenard said this Ecofetti is better for the environment.

“It won't get stuck on the cement, it won't stay in the grass or get washed in different sections of the water," she said.

On their website it says to “hose it away or just let nature help with the clean-up” after use.

“We decided to do this because if you look at different graduation pictures, guys and girls alike happen to use confetti in their pictures,” Varone-Chenard said.

She describes the Ecofetti like a rice paper confetti. It’s soft, but not as metallic looking as traditional confetti. It takes 5-10 hours of rain to disappear on grass.

SGA is still working on bagging the Ecofetti, but Varone-Chenard is excited for students to be able to pick up a bag or two from the SGA office.

The colors available for students are a yellow-gold and snow white. Students will be able to receive 2-4 bags, depending on how high the demand is. All leftover bags will be used for next semester’s graduations.

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Tanesha Bridenback Staff
Tanesha Bridenback

Skylar is a guy. You have listed as "she" said. Just a heads up.

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