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The UCF Student Government Association office is located on the second floor of the Student Union.

UCF Student Government Association President Nick Larkins announced on SGA's Facebook on Wednesday that Facilities, Safety, & Transport Coordinator Chandra Kethi-Reddy resigned from office.

In the now-deleted Facebook post, Larkins accused Kethi-Reddy of not fulfilling platform promises like getting more parking spaces and was sleeping on the job. The post is still available to view on the Nick and Cristina Facebook page.

“After multiple mediations, and even a suspension from work, I came to the conclusion that Chandra’s lax working style and overall lack of efficiency, productivity, accountability and/or results meant that Chandra and SGA could no longer share in a paid employee relationship,” Larkins said on the post.

In the post, Larkins said that he, the SGA adviser and office manager came to a decision to terminate Kethi-Reddy. Kethi-Reddy then asked to resign, according to Larkins.

On Kethi-Reddy’s personal Facebook account he called the accusations “#fakenews" and said that he will give his side of the story on Thursday.

“I hope it doesn’t get ugly, but it will get very real,” Kethi-Reddy said on his Facebook account. “Get ready for me to expose issues of institutional racism, a hostile work environment, failures of leadership, communication, transparency, and basic decency, and the complete and utter waste of student money on pure spectacle with no substance. Tomorrow. #expectmuchmore”

Larkins also said on Facebook that he will be serving as Facilities, Safety, & Transport Coordinator for the time being. The position is listed as vacant on the SGA website.

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