SGA delays candidate application deadline by one week

Emma Trittin, SGA commissioner of policy development, speaks to students at an informational meeting for senate candidates on Sept. 16 in the Student Union. The meeting included information on how to conduct a fair campaign, and an explanation of senate duties.  

UCF SGA announced on Monday that they would be extending the deadline for senate candidates’ applications by a week from Sept. 20 to Sept. 27.

Hurricane Dorian was to blame for the decision to provide a week delay for the deadlines of the 2019 to 2020 senate election. In response to Dorian’s proximity to UCF, campus officials closed the university from Aug. 30 at 5 p.m. through Sept. 5.

“After having discussions today with Supervisor of Elections Julian Mayorga, and members of the student government, it is imperative that we give more time for students to get involved in this organization,” Student Body President Kyler Gray said in a memorandum.

The general election dates for senate positions have also been delayed and will now be held from Oct. 7-9, with results being revealed on the last day.

SGA Attorney General John Tuley said advertising for the upcoming senate election was impacted most by UCF’s closure and expressed relief when an extension was granted.

Tuley said that marketing is generally done through SGA’s social media accounts, which they were unable to generate content for while the campus was closed.

“There would have been no feasible way to get the number of candidates we were looking for, and we are now able to impact more students,” Tuley said. “Pushing the deadline back gives us more time to do the legwork and reach out to more students.”

Tuley also stressed the importance of having large amounts of students running in the election.

“We want to get as much applicants in as possible to run for seats because a competitive election cycle is better for everybody,” Tuley said.

First time candidate Kelly Lopez said the extension came as a relief as she has a lot of questions about what a senate member does and how best to campaign. Lopez aims to represent the College of Community Innovation and Education. 

“It has been tough because I want more information on exactly what I’m doing, but everyone here [at the SGA office] has been friendly,” said Lopez.

In total there are 72 open senate seats to be filled in this upcoming election. Last year saw over 100 applicants running for only 69 seats.

To run as a candidate in the upcoming senate elections, students must:

  • Fill out their personal information on a Candidate Application Packet.
  • Attend an informational session held by SGA after completing the packet.
  • Receive 75 signatures from currently enrolled UCF students as an undergraduate student, or 25 for graduate students.

 For more information, visit SGA's website.

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