Daniel Croatti and E&A Committee

Daniel Croatti (far right) answers questions from the Elections and Appointments Committee during a meeting on Thursday. The committee unanimously approved his appointment.

The University of Central Florida Student Government Association has filled the final vacant seat in the Judicial Branch, seat six.

SGA confirmed Daniel Croatti on Thursday night during the Senate meeting by a vote of 30-2-0.

Croatti is a junior majoring in mechanical engineering. He is a member of the Sigma Pi fraternity, the EXCEL program and the American Society of Mechanical Engineers. He said he is considering taking on a double major in aerospace engineering if time permits and that it won’t affect his ability to perform his duties as justice.

Croatti said that he has learned so much from his experience at UCF and it has made him a better person.

“This is how I think I can give back to UCF and help other people as well,” Croatti said.

Croatti said that this is his first time attempting to get involved with SGA and although he’s confident in his abilities, he’s still nervous about the responsibility.

One of the questions posed to him during both the meeting with the Elections and Appointments Committee and the Senate was his stance on letter of the law versus spirit of the law.

“I like to say letter of the law because following the same rules keeps it fair for everyone,” Croatti said. “I understand spirit of the law also because things change over time. I like to be open minded to both sides.”

He said that being an engineer will help him be unbiased in his decision making during his time as a justice.

“Engineers are trained not to look at one aspect but the whole problem,” Croatti said. “I think I can apply that here.”

President Chris Clemente appointed Croatti to the seat after reviewing 15 applications that resulted in four interviews. Clemente conducted the interviews with Chief Justice Taylor Scimeca.

Clemente said he looks for two specific things during appointment interviews: base knowledge and ability to grow.

“After the interview, I thought that he could give a lot but can also gain a lot as well,” Clemente said. “He’s an involved student and I wanted him to be even more involved.”

Clemente said that it was a difficult decision because there were several qualified applicants.

After the confirmation, all 14 seats of the Judicial Branch are occupied.

Originally published Nov. 19, 2016.

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