• Jorge Minotta
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With the start of the holiday season and winter break quickly approaching, departments such as the UCF Police Department and Information Security Office have reminded students that with the season also comes the opportunity for crime.

Two residents reported a woman screaming and being pushed into the backseat of a four-door silver sedan behind Tower 3 on Monday at 10:30 p.m. near the loading dock close to Gemini Boulevard, according to an email alert sent out by UCF Police Department.

In front of a packed room of about 50 police officers, family and community members, the UCF Police Department added six new officers to the force at the swearing-in ceremony Wednesday.

It’s been a little over a year since flames sent a UCF-area apartment building crumbling down, but questions surrounding details of the incident still linger in the minds of students.

On Wednesday afternoon, the University of Central Florida will be performing emergency communication tests to ensure that in the case of a real emergency, everyone can be alerted as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Almost a month after students and faculty at the University of Central Florida were notified about a security breach that caused 63,000 Social Security numbers to be stolen, Hack@UCF is offering advice on identity theft protection and mitigation.

The University of Central Florida released an email on Feb. 17 stating that a case centered around anti-Semitic material on campus became inactive.