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Rosen Life will be hosting a week of relaxing events before finals week.

The Rosen College of Hospitality Management ranked in the top five hospitality and hotel management schools all over the world, according to CEOWORLD Magazine.

Rosen College earned spot No. 5 on the magazine’s list of 50 best hospitality and hotel management schools for 2015, falling behind Cornell University, University of Nevada-Las Vegas, Michigan State University and Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne in Switzerland, respectively.

“It’s an honor to be recognized as one of the top hospitality programs worldwide,” said Dr. Abraham Pizam, dean of the Rosen College, in a press release. “The exciting part is we’re just getting started.”

Founded in 2004, Rosen College is the newest hospitality school in the top five. The campus is the largest facility ever built for hospitality management education, according to the Rosen College website.

“I think our school is ranked so high at a young age because of the resources Rosen College gives students,” said Elizabeth Gordon, a sophomore event management major. “Being ranked fifth in the world really does validate my choice in studying hospitality. I’m getting a good education that’s recognized worldwide.”

Since the magazine’s announcement, students like Gabi Shurina, a junior event management major, have been sharing the news on social media.

“[I am] beyond proud to be pursuing a degree at such an amazing school,” Shurina wrote on Facebook.

The campus sits in close proximity to Orlando’s biggest tourist attractions and offers classes for minors, undergraduate and graduate programs.

The Rosen College also offers the only bachelor’s degree in event management in the country, and the only doctoral program specifically in hospitality management in Florida.

“People can rag on hospitality majors all they want, but getting to learn from some of the most successful people in the industry, as well as being able to say you graduated from one of the most well-known and respected hospitality programs in the world is something to be proud of,” Shurina said.

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