Rosen State of the College Address (THIS ONE)

Dean of Rosen College Youcheng Wang (center) talks to attendees at the lobby after the State of the College Address on Friday. Wang gave his first State of Rosen College Address about the college's new strategic plans and goals in the next five years. 

Dean of UCF's Rosen College of Hospitality Management Youcheng Wang gave students a preview of new developments for Rosen at the first State of the College Address on Friday.
The address went over the college's plans and strategic goals for 2020 to 2025. The plans include four main aspects: a new master's degree, a campus expansion, a new academic research journal and new nutrition plans.
Wang said Rosen, in partnership with the College of Engineering and Computer Science, will be offering a new master's of science degree program in travel, technology and analytics starting fall 2020. 
"This powerful industry has made an $8.3 billion impact on the global economy," Wang said. "The curriculum for this degree program — which functions at the intersection of engineering, computer science and management — introduces graduate students to the technical aspects of big data analytics, including predictive analytics, algorithm design and models for smart-cities, smart-technologies and several systems gave us city contracts of the travel and tourism industry." 
Rosen was built for a few hundred students 15 years ago, but now there are more than 3,000 students studying hospitality. Wang said the campus will include an expansion on the building of 43,000 square feet that will break ground in 2020.
"This building is funded entirely through philanthropy," Wang said. "The new building will provide an avid and cooperative learning space for students. More lab space, where students can practice what is taught, and more office spaces for faculty and staff to meet with students, to plan their futures, engage in research and to cement the building blocks for successful careers in hospitality, tourism, events, entertainment attractions and more."
Rosen's research magazine Rosen Research Review launched this year, with the first edition being released in May. This magazine shared hospitality faculty's research like Dick Pope Sr. Institute for Tourism Studies. Wang said that the next issue of the Rosen Research Review magazine would be released in December.
Rosen College is also making their nutrition program an important strategic development. Culinary Medicine is a partnership program between Rosen, UCF College of Medicine, Nemours, the YMCA of Central Florida and several dietitians. The program will promote healthy food and nutrition in the hospitality industry. 
Wang said that hospitality management is an international program, so Rosen's nutrition program combines the strengths of nutrition from both eastern and western cultures. The program uses not only western knowledge of nutrition, but also Chinese food therapy and Chinese medicine knowledge.
"The food that you eat defines who you are," Wang said. "Whether you're healthy or not healthy, that is a major challenge here in the U.S. It's important to get the message into the minds of the students so that we can influence other people."
Breanne Hereford, hospitality and tourism management major, said she was excited about the new campus and new master's program, which will be offered to hospitality, computer science and engineering majors.
"I think technology is very important because the world is moving really fast," Hereford said. "And soon we're just really going to be based more on technology and making room for AI and things like that, so I think that's important."
Wang said Rosen would take care of hospitality management students by offering more global programs and exchanges in the next five years. 
"I always say, if the world is a book, those who do not travel only read the first chapter," Wang said. "So obviously we want our students to read multiple chapters so that they can compete on a global scale."

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