PPGA at UCF dispels abortion myths

Planned Parenthood Generation Action (PPGA) at UCF hoped to shine light on the myths surrounding abortion by holding its “Dispelling Abortion Myths” event on Tuesday, Oct. 31, 2017. 

Planned Parenthood Generation Action (PPGA) at UCF held its “Dispelling Abortion Myths” event on Tuesday with hopes to shine light on the myths surrounding abortion.

With a mission to educate about reproductive health and rights and to translate increased awareness into pro-choice activism on campus, PPGA at UCF held the event to debunk abortion fallacies and explain the reasoning behind why they are still around.

“There are a lot of myths surrounding abortion safety, the procedure’s safety, how easy or difficult it is to have an abortion, and who has abortions,” Olivia Wederbrand, a senior hospitality major and the club’s treasurer, said.

The event’s focus was on the most commonly encountered misconceptions:

  • Myth #1: Abortion is murder
  • Myth #2: Only women have abortions
  • Myth #3: People who have abortions after 20 weeks are selfish
  • Myth #4: Abortion is a dangerous/unsafe procedure
  • Myth #5: It’s easy to get an abortion

“Our meeting today was to talk about how these myths are perpetuated, how people can learn to recognize propaganda by anti-choice groups, and how to respond to that," Wederbrand said.

Katerina Agreda, a senior interdisciplinary studies major and the club’s president, said there are two main things she hopes people took home from the discussion.

“Transgender folks are often left out of the conversation and it’s important to call attention to that and shift our understanding of who it is that needs these services,” Agreda said. “Understanding that abortion is not an issue that just affects women, because it often affects concerns beyond just abortion ... so the amount of people affected and the damage that is done is far deeper than people realize.”

With approximately 20 active members and more volunteers throughout each semester, Agreda said PPGA at UCF works closely with other progressive organizations and their members on campus to collaborate and educate on reproductive justice and bodily autonomy.

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