The Orlando community pays tribute in new ways to those effected by the Pulse nightclub shooting.

Charlie Minn, a documentary filmmaker, will be filming a new documentary based on Pulse.

“I’m very passionate about making this film to honor the victims,” Minn said. “The documentary is solely being made to pay tribute and to honor the victims.”

Minn’s film will feature Pulse survivor’s and their testimonies.

“I'm here to give the victims a voice,” Minn said. “My films represent innocent people who have been murdered, but they need a voice and if it's me supplying it, then so be it.”

Chris Littlestar, a survivor from the Pulse shooting, will be featured in Minn’s film to tell his story. Littlestar said he will always remember the morning of June 12, 2016.

“I was outside on the patio with him and I went inside by myself and that's when the shooting started. It was about three or four shots and then it stopped for a minute and then another four, five, six, seven and then it just kept going and going,” Littlestar said.

Littestar says he was shot in the stomach during the shooting, but lives to continue telling his story.

“I just want to put my story out there and I want this story to be post out there so then people could see how much suffering and pain and, not only that but how much stronger our community has come together," Littlestar said.

UCF graphic design student, Lauren Schoepfer, will feature her new design for Pulse in a museum in Winter Park this summer.

Schoepfer design features the words, “One Heart.” The background of the design includes open eyes and open hearts. Schoepfer hopes this will inspire others to keep their hearts and eyes open.

“I always really try to see the positive side of things,” Schoepfer said. “I was listening to a lot of interviews and a lot of other people just responding to the event and I was really blown away by how supportive the Orlando community was.”

Schoepfer knows this experience well because she was in Downtown Orlando when Pulse happened. She hopes her design can continue the support in the community.

“We were all coming together to support everybody who has been affected by this and I really felt like we were really united from this,” Schoepfer said.

Minn says he will begin filming for the new Pulse documentary this week. There's still no word yet on the name of the documentary.

Schoepfer will also be featured in UCF’s new Pulse exhibition, Resilience, Remembering Pulse.

Originally published April 18

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