Gray & Mills MA

Kyler Gray and Madeline Mills won the SGA presidential election with 4,570 total votes Wednesday night.

The UCF Student Government Association presidential election came to an end Wednesday evening in the Student Union.

Kyler Gray and Madeline Mills were announced UCF's new president and vice president in a landslide win. 

"I was honestly speechless," Gray said. "Having worked in last year's campaign when there were three tickets, I thought there would be a runoff election ... I couldn't speak or react. It was crazy to me. It was an awesome moment."

Of the 8,341 total votes, the duo tallied 4,570 votes, while runners-up Ashley Stewart and Darwin Olcima tallied 2,148 votes and Antione Fields and Darbi Welbaum tallied 1,555 votes. Write-ins for other candidates accounted for another 68 votes.  

Gray said that he and Mills ran a fair campaign and that the focus on the campaign was about themselves and not others. He said that he encouraged students to vote and would often tell them that he wouldn’t be offended if they didn’t vote for him, but that he just wanted them to vote in general. 

Candidates only had a month to campaign for themselves leading up to the election. However, Gray and Mills received an endorsement from UCF senior quarterback McKenzie Milton.

“[It was] absolutely incredible,” Gray said. “[We're] very appreciative of his support. Glad he tagged along in the movement.” 

SGA Supervisor of Elections Reina Chehayeb announced the results Wednesday night at the Student Union. 

“It’s very stressful, but it’s also exciting because [for] two students, their lives are about to change,” she said. “Their commitment to the university is about to change, and even though they have been very, very committed before ... their commitment changes. And so it’s really cool to see that transformation, honestly.” 

Now that Gray and Mills are in office, students can expect the duo to give their very best to the student body.

Gray said they'll strive to respect the ones who keep the university alive — the students. He said their platform will be evolving to fit the need of the students where they will try and advocate for what the students want and tell their stories. 

“You can expect that we mean business,” Gray said. “We don’t make empty promises."

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