UCF Board of Trustees meeting Thursday, Sept. 20 - Kathy Mitchell MA

UCF Interim Chief Financial Officer Kathy Mitchell addresses the Board of Trustees on Sept. 20, 2018. Mitchell replaced former CFO Bill Merck who stepped down following the revelation of misused university funds for the construction of Trevor Colbourn Hall.

Less than one week after former President Dale Whittaker stepped down, Interim Chief Financial Officer Kathy Mitchell offered her resignation Monday morning, according to an email obtained by NSM Today.

Mitchell informed university leaders of her decision around 11 a.m. Monday, writing that she sees "no realistic end in sight" serving at the position.

When she was appointed to the job on Sept. 14, 2018, she was told it was "for up to three to four months." Now, Mitchell has served six months in the position — much longer than expected.

“It is with deepest regret that I must resign from the position of Interim Chief Financial Officer effective Friday, March 1, 2019,” Mitchell wrote.

The resignation comes in the wake of an ongoing investigation regarding $38 million in misused state funds by the university to create the new Trevor Colbourn Hall building. In January, former President Dale Whittaker announced that the total amount of misused state funds had increased to $85 million in projects that were "built, or planned to be built".

Mitchell, who also serves as associate director of UCF's University Audit, was named to the position after former CFO William Merck accepted responsibility for the decision to misappropriate the funds and stepped down in September 2018.

In the email, Mitchell suggests that the university would be “better served” if she returned to her position at University Audit and a more “permanent” interim CFO was hired to replace her until after a new president is named.

By doing so, Mitchell said she hopes this will help the university receive “a stronger pool of candidates” for president, and the new president will have an opportunity to select his or her new cabinet.

According University Audit's website, Mitchell has worked for University Audit for 19 years and now manages advisory services and supervises audits. Prior to joining University Audit in June 1999, Kathy worked for the Auditor General for three years.

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