Interim President  (this one)

Dean of the College of Sciences Michael Johnson was named the new interim provost on Thursday. Interim President Thad Seymour published the statement to announce that Johnson will serve as the interim provost at UCF.

Interim President Thad Seymour assigned College of Sciences Dean Michael Johnson to serve as interim provost in a statement on Thursday. 

After Provost Elizabeth Dooley was placed on paid administrative leave, Vice Provost of Faculty Excellence Jana Jasinski stepped in as acting provost.

Dooley was placed on paid administrative leave on Jan. 10 while the university administration “works to fully understand concerns that have been raised.”  

“Because we do not have a defined timeline for Provost Dooley's paid administrative leave, I believe it is in our best interest to name a full-time interim provost,” Seymour said.

The provost is an academic leader for UCF’s colleges, along with its multiple campuses and research centers. A provost also supports faculty and staff and oversees multiple UCF campuses and research centers, according to the Office of the Provost’s website

In Seymour's statement, he said that Johnson was already involved in many ongoing institution-wide efforts, including the enrollment task force and the new university budget model to promote greater transparency and inclusion in financial decision making. 

By being the Dean of the College of Sciences, Johnson oversees departments of natural and mathematical sciences, social and behavioral sciences, and communication. 

He is also responsible for overseeing all of the college’s education, research and service activities – almost entirely by working with department chairs, said Chad Binette, a university spokesperson.

Seymour’s statement emphasized that Johnson and Jasinski are committed to advancing the initiatives, along with the university's regular academic operations, including promotion and tenure — all while fulfilling the core mission of serving students. 

“As I said in my last message, transitions are stressful,” Seymour said. “But just as I value the incredible commitment you have to serve our students and the university community, I am committed to moving us forward together to build a brighter and stronger UCF.” 

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