Campus Peace Action goes ‘back to its roots’ with annual Tent City Festival (copy)

Campus Peace Action members and UCF students draw pictures of each other at the annual Tent City festival during a caricature workshop on Nov. 10, 2018. The organization usually holds the event around Veteran's day, but due to a decline of time and resources, they will be hosting a bigger and better festival January 22-27, 2020. 

Campus Peace Action has decided to move their annual Tent City festival to January 2020 in the wake of a recent decline in resources and time, giving the organization more time to create what they promise will be a bigger and better festival.

Tent City is a 15-year-old festival hosted by CPA, historically held in November around Veteran’s Day weekend.

The event was created in 2004 to protest the Iraq War. Since then, it has become a five-day music and arts festival that celebrates community and healthy activism.

Due to a lack of resources, Tent City has been moved to Jan. 22-27, 2020. CPA has been struggling to add new members and regain resources lost to outgoing graduates.

Jakob Namon, secretary for CPA and senior psychology major, has been in the thick of the club's issues. 

“A big part of it is we got a slow start to the year,” Namon said. "The efforts to promote the club have slowed down and we have been lacking proper materials."

Namon said that the date change leaves more time to organize a better festival. CPA's fundraising efforts, such as tabling and hosting parties, have allowed for an increased budget to help realize CPA’s ambitions for the festival.

Typically the event features a musical act every night with unique workshops during the day. This time they are adding film screenings to the nightly lineup, a first for the festival. CPA is also working on introducing a drag show to the event.

Adam Mirakjar, 2018 Tent City performer and UCF senior film BFA student, said the festival is a unique opportunity and is hopeful to be a part of the lineup in January when “the weather is nice.”

“Being in the breeze and being able to play in the darkness is a pretty homey feeling,” Mirakjar said. 

With most of the CPA members being seniors, they are hoping the event will be not only entertaining, but entice people to join their club.

Currently, CPA is looking to add musical acts and local films for their nighttime shows. They are looking for any genre and are not limiting entries to just UCF students.

CPA is also looking for anybody willing to host a workshop, regardless of what lesson or activity it may be.

Cassie Kirkpatrick, CPA vice president and senior math major, recalled her favorite event from last year, a beeswax paper workshop that taught people sustainable ways to carry around items such as silverware.

“Really anything if it’s fun to share in front of people and is positive,” Kirkpatrick said.

Those interested in hosting a workshop or showcasing their work can email or visit CPA's Facebook page. They encourage performers to send a short sample of their work. 

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