Anti-Semetic Case Inactive

Swastika stickers were posted in several locations around UCF.

The University of Central Florida released an email on Feb. 17 stating that a case centered around anti-Semitic material on campus became inactive. 

In the email, university officials encouraged the UCF community to unite around respect.

The email was submitted for UCF Police Department Chief Richard Beary and vice president of Student Development and Enrollment Services Dr. Maribeth Ehasz.

"While we may never understand who these men are and why they spread hateful displays, we must stand together against this type of offensive behavior," the email said.

Last semester swastika stickers and other anti-Semitic material was posted on several different locations around campus. UCF PD released a surveillance video showing two males who have yet to be identified. 

"The investigators have exhausted all the leads that they have, in this case we released to the media and nobody could identify the people involved," Officer Peter Stephens said. "If a student feels like that they are being targeted because of their race, creed, color or anything that has to do with sexual orientation anything like that they can always take the information report it to an RA who can call us or report it yourself to the police department." 

Stephens said that until more information is brought forward the case will remain inactive.

Aaron Weil, executive director and CEO of Central Florida Hillel, said that he's impressed with the way the university has handled the situation.

"Students know that they're at a university that takes any kind of whether it's anti-Semitism, or racism or any type of attack on a minority group they take it very seriously," Weil said.

Weil said that he hopes the UCF community strives more toward mutual acceptance.

The UCF Police Department urges anyone with information about this case to please call 407-823-5555.

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