Alisa Smith

New Legal Studies chair Alisa Smith. A former University of Tampa professor, she will be joining the department as it prepares for its move downtown.

As the UCF Department of Legal Studies prepares for its move downtown, they have added a new chair in practicing attorney Alisa Smith.

Smith is a veteran of law with 27 years of experience under her belt. She is coming to UCF after serving as a professor at the University of Tampa for 12 years and also teaching at a college in New Jersey.

Her role will be set in working with her department to expand community partnerships and back faculty and student scholarships.

“I will be working more so with the legal studies faculty,” Smith said. “Through them, (we) will be bringing changes to the department that will benefit students in the legal studies major.”

The Department of Legal Studies is part of the College of Health and Public Affairs.

Smith is the author of two books and earned her Ph.D. in criminology at Florida State University.

With background in the field and a passion for teaching, Smith is optimistic for the future of the major.

“In the next couple of years, we will be particularly looking to work with the department’s move to downtown,” Smith said. “With so much legal activity in the downtown area, I feel that this is a great place for students in our major to see firsthand some of the legal practices that happen so close to us.”

The department has at this time 13 full-time faculty members, and it offers bachelor’s degrees as well an undergraduate minor.

Story originally published on August 5, 2016.

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