Photo of the featured artists involved in the "29°N, -81°W" art exhibition premiering April 23. The show will represent the concepts various art students have explored while at Gallery 202, UCF's Art Gallery on Daytona’s campus. 

Graduating art students in the Museum and Gallery Practices class at the School of Visual Arts and Design are hosting an online exhibition today.

The show, titled "29°N, -81°W," the exact coordinate location of Gallery 202, UCF's Art Gallery on Daytona’s campus, represents the concepts the students have explored while at these coordinates. The artists featured in the show are Joe Piaskowski, Annie Scull, Julie McKinney, Sam McUmber and Rebekah Collins. All five artists have worked for four years in the Southeast Museum of Photography, formerly known as the Southeast Center for Photographic Studies, in Daytona Beach to obtain their bachelor's degree in photography.

The featured exhibition is hosted on behalf of the UCF School of Visual Art and Design, Daytona State College School of Photography, and the Southeast Museum of Photography, which form an alliance known as the Southeast Center for Photographic Studies.

"Last year the seniors were gearing up and prepared for curating an in-person show," said Annie Scull, senior photography major. "Of course, COVID happened and they were not able to host a show, so we all came together and decided to make it into a virtual show.”

Scull reminisced on the setbacks that the COVID-19 pandemic had on the gallery's production.

"About halfway through the semester, it all kind of fell apart," Scull said. “Some of us felt that there was no point in putting the show together, which was heartbreaking. We held a vote in class, and it was decided that we would only do an online show, even though we were running with this idea that the show would be half-virtual, while the other half was in-person. So some of us ran with it and decided to produce a totally separate show.”

The exhibition will be held online at and will open with a one-hour live-stream via Zoom which would allow their audience to participate and interact with the artists. Scull emphasized that the artists have created their own space on the website that would display their bodies of work. The online gallery will close at 6 p.m. on May 21.

"There's an entire website built around finding a gallery that has this totally different body of work in it,” Scull said. "It's hiding somewhere to be found, and this gallery exists.”

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