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Farmers Market Day will come to UCF's main campus this fall, fulfilling a promise made on the UCF Student Government Association presidential campaign trail.

The event is on Nov. 2 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and will be held outside of the Student Union, according to UCF Student Body President Josh Boloña and Vice President Jad Shalhoub’s website.

The website states the event will showcase students' artwork, products and talents. Local food vendors will also attend. 

The event details were announced at a UCF SGA Senate meeting on Thursday. The idea was first introduced during Boloña and Shalhoub’s campaign in the spring. 

Boloña described his passion for hearing student needs and working to fulfill them at an open forum held in February. One of the needs Boloña wanted to address was the lack of opportunity given to art students and the general student body.

"The mindset behind the idea was a place and day where students could showcase their talents,” Boloña said. "Whether it’s related to what they’re studying or not, the amount of students we have here, the diverse population we have ... We know the immense talent we have." 

Madeline Mills, SGA director of Innovation, said the Farmers Market Day will incorporate a variety of elements that aim to "awaken the senses."

Students can experience activities that use all of the five senses. They can hear live music, see and feel artwork or taste and smell food and produce from local vendors.

Mills said the concept was inspired after she took an overseas trip to Israel earlier during the summer.

"I was so blown away by the markets [in Israel], and I felt like everywhere I would go, I would want to touch it. I would smell something. I would hear music, and it was this whole cultural experience," Mills said. "I thought, 'Why don't we have that at a school where you can really feel a part of something?’"

The Farmers Market will be held as a trial run with the hope of becoming a weekly event where students can find cheap produce and local businesses can grow, Mills said. 

Some other initiatives the student leaders plan to bring to campus during their time in office include biweekly tabling, a student yearbook, a safety feature on the UCF mobile app and SGA-funded lockers used during testing, according to the duo's website. 

"The platform was just the first part,” Shalhoub said. "There are many more initiatives to come."

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