Cartwright Story Downtown Campus

A student at UCF's downtown campus works alone and with a face covering, adhering to social distancing guidelines. UCF's downtown campus is also following the COVID-19 precautions and guidelines set by the university. 

UCF Downtown is adhering to all of UCF President Alexander Cartwright’s physical distancing rules, even at 30% capacity, said Jamie Giller, UCF Downtown's communications director. 

In a press conference on Wednesday, Cartwright said UCF will be implementing a student ambassador program meant to ensure that students are following UCF’s COVID-19 guidelines.

“I can’t be in every building all the time,” Cartwright said. “We need to remind each other of the rules.”

Giller said UCF’s downtown campus is holding each other accountable.

“I think it is everyone’s responsibility to follow the policies and guidelines that have been put in place to protect our entire community whether it be a student or faculty member,” Giller said.

Cody Cornely, a senior majoring in game design, said that students attending the downtown campus - like himself - are making each other's health and safety a priority.

“I haven’t seen anyone reporting on other students, but I have noticed people keeping away from each other,” Cornely said. “It’s pretty easy to follow the rules because all the classrooms are set up to be spread apart.”

When asked if he would feel comfortable reporting on other students not adhering to UCF’s policies, Cornely said he would bring it up to the student first - and if they chose to ignore him - he might report it.

“I don’t think a lot of people realize the severity of the virus,” Cornely said.

Cornely also said he has friends who tested positive for COVID-19.

Ashley Leandres, a sophomore majoring in digital media, said she is also taking classes on campus.

Leandres said that she would be comfortable reporting on students who are not adhering to physical distancing guidelines.

“Actually, the other day I saw a security guard remind a couple of students that they needed to be wearing masks,” Leandres said.

Frenics Bryce, a security guard at UCF’s downtown campus, said that he has not had to remind any students to wear their masks or stay six feet apart yet.

“I make sure everybody is doing what they’re supposed to do,” Bryce said. “If they’re not following the rules, I let them know.”

UCF will adjust quickly to the challenges it faces, Cartwright said. 

Students and faculty on the downtown campus, Giller said, are doing just that. 

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