Their artwork takes up space on bulletin boards, lines the walls of most of the hallways at UCF and informs knights of upcoming events around campus. 

Though their creations can be seen throughout UCF, these designers are tucked away in the back corner of the Office of Student Involvement (OSI) office on the second floor of the Student Union. Unlike other artists, when these designers complete their work they do not sign their name at the bottom of their creation.

This group of artists are Graphic Designers for OSI, and they develop and design flyers and posters for events around campus. These 13 students work throughout the week to complete orders for a variety of organizations around campus.

One of their most recent group projects was the marketing material for UCF’s Homecoming Week 2017 events.

Bradley Sinanan, a junior studying graphic design at UCF, started working as a graphic designer for OSI in August 2016. 

“The fundamental thing that we do is make marketing materials for certain organizations on campus,” Sinanan said.

Flyers, logos, handbills, posters and brochures are some of the marketing materials Sinanan said he and the other OSI graphic designers create. Sinanan said he takes into consideration the vision of the client and tries to balance it with his own to develop a product that appeases everyone and conveys the event information.

“I usually start every order with a lot of preliminary sketches,” Sinanan said. “I’m usually gathering research or looking at styles. If it is an event, [I’m] looking up things associated with the event so I can properly represent what is going on.”

Sinanan said he utilizes this method for all of his orders, including homecoming. Working directly with the Homecoming Committee, Sinanan said work on marketing material for that week began in the middle of summer.

“I was responsible for the Comedy Knight poster,” Sinanan said. “They gave me the information for who was the opening act and then they [sent me] approved pictures.”

Sinanan said he displayed this year’s homecoming theme of “UCF: Recharge” by creating lighting around the photo of Comedy Knight headliner Adam Devine. He said the lighting represents energy, a theme that the Homecoming Committee wanted to convey.

“Homecoming is something that we all work on as a group,” Sinanan said. “Everyone gets different events. So we wanted to make sure that there was aesthetic consistency.”

The distinct UCF colors of black, gold and white can be seen throughout each homecoming event poster. Sinanan said this is to create brand consistency, something the OSI graphic designers are charged with maintaining for many clients.

Andrew Allen, a senior studying graphic design at UCF and an OSI graphic designer, was in charge of designing the marketing material and creating a Snapchat filter for the homecoming fireworks event

“We had a mood board that [the] Homecoming [Committee] gave us,” Allen said. “I was looking at that for inspiration. The fireworks this year, they wanted to make it more of a spectacle. They really wanted a poster that would reflect that.”

Allen said he incorporated the electric feeling the Homecoming Committee wanted by creating standout fireworks in the background of the poster.

The experience of designing and producing this type of marketing material is something Allen believes will help him locate a job after he graduates, particularly at a design agency.

However, not all of the design workers for OSI are interested in only graphic design work. Ayhan Konar is a senior at UCF majoring in mechanical engineering and working as an OSI graphic designer.

“Before I decided to do engineering, I was a freelance graphic designer back in high school,” Konar said. “But, I made the decision to pursue engineering [while] also trying to continue the creative aspect.”

Konar said it is stereotypical to think all engineers aren’t creative and wants to break away from that mindset. This led him to applying for a job involving graphic design.

When the OSI graphic designers aren’t working on a group project like homecoming, they are creating marketing material for individual events. Many of the artists have preferences when it comes to the type of events they enjoy designing for.

“I particularly like taking orders that involve the LGBTQ+ community,” Sinanan said. “It feels like a way to participate in the community because I am queer. It’s important for me to feel like I’m helping people and giving people who don’t have a voice, a voice.”

Konar said he prefers taking orders and designing materials for Hispanic events because of his Hispanic heritage.

“I think that a lot of times, Hispanic culture is represented one dimensionally,” Konar said. “It’s [always] one specific country or culture. I want to add more to that. I want to add my own spin to it.”

Even though he is studying engineering, Konar said he wants to pursue a more creative career involving engineering. He said the atmosphere in the office has only helped him improve his ability to design.

“It helps to be here because everyone here is a designer so I see what they do,” Konar said. “It’s really helped me grow."

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