Being “Under the Weather” Isn’t Just a Saying

Colder scenes: do they make you happier or not?

Weather may affect people's moods

For some, a change in weather and even time can mean nothing at all. For others, however, it can mean a noticeable change in mood and motivation.

A new study by Dr. Franz Buscha, principal research fellow at the University of Westminster, reveals that moods of British people are not affected by daily changes in weather conditions. He monitored weather records and observed them alongside with people's happiness.

Based on his findings, the effect of the weather on people's well-being is non-existent. His study makes a clear distinction between daily weather and seasons. However, Dr. Buscha did find significant evidence of seasonal affective disorder (SAD). This is a condition through which individuals become less happy during the winter because of a lack of light.

Here in Florida, there is an excess of light, heat and sunshine. So, it’s necessary to explore the idea of how weather can and may affect mood here in the sunshine state. For now, here are some student opinions on how the weather really

makes them feel:

“Well I like sleeping in total darkness, so having an extra hour of darkness in the morning helps me sleep better. I also like taking walks in the evening to reflect on my day as a form of relaxation, so now I have more time to do that. Also, the sunny weather is nicer than the gloomy overcast/rainy weather we'd been having,” said Matt Fultz, a senior interpersonal/organizational communication major.


“In my opinion, spring and summer are the best seasons of the year. I love the heat, dislike the cold, and find rainy days depressing. My mood does change whenever we go from a beautiful sunny day to a nasty rainy day! I feel like it’s easier to deal with the heat. It keeps me awake and active while rain makes me feel sad and really cold days mad and lazy sometimes, ” said Mario Serrano, a senior criminal justice major.

Story and photos by Camila Uribe.


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