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A loud, energizing buzz filled the air. A line of almost 400 students wrapped from the center of the atrium to the back of the Student Union, in which some students waited for over three and a half hours.

  • Paola Perez
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"This is my letter to the world, that never wrote to me — the simple news that nature told, with tender majesty. Her message is committed, to hands I cannot see; for love of her, sweet countrymen; judge tenderly of me!"

Students, faculty, staff and members of the community attended the Resilience: Remembering Pulse exhibit opening on Thursday. The opening was from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. with a short speech from Barbara Poma, the owner of Pulse.

Temperatures this summer range anywhere from an uncomfortable 80 degrees to a barely habitable 100, but a different atmosphere looms inside the art gallery in the Visual Arts Building.