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President Trump cited March 5 as the date for Congress to find a solution for the thousands of immigrants that are DACA recipients. Now, that day has passed and there has yet to be any action from Congress, leaving Dreamers in uncertainty.

As part of UCF’s Celebrates the Arts, Theatre UCF is producing "Bernstein’s MASS: A Theatre Piece for Singers, Players and Dancers," better known as "MASS."

In a small room, just west of the Pegasus Grand Ballroom in the Student Union, Muslim students congregate to pray five times a day. Many of these students are females, and many of these women wear the hijab. 

Marissa Sherlock is a senior studying radio-television production. She is a part of the Catholic Campus Ministry, helps out with the student-run show ‘ToKnight’s the Night” and, as a former housing ambassador for UCF, knows plenty about the lack of on-campus housing.

Dr. Alzo Reddick, UCF's assistant vice president for university relations and director of Defense Transition Services, grew up during a time when the black community was not given as many opportunities as the white community.

Author Jane Elliot spoke to a crowd Monday evening at the Pegasus Ballroom about her “Blue Eyes, Brown Eyes” discrimination exercise for the start of Leadership Week.

A slight breeze chilled the air as a group of four freshmen huddled together Friday evening at Ferrell Commons. Glances were cast from one to another as they discussed where their future living arrangements would be, now that the lottery results for the on-campus dorms have been delivered. P…