UCF PD alerts students of a scam email

The UCFPD is warning students about a scam email that they might see in their Knights Email. UCFPD said that students who receive the email should report it to UCF's Information Security Team by emailing SIRT@UCF.EDU.

The UCF Police Department wants students to be aware of a scam that may be in their student email.

Junior economics major Tanner Smith said that he and a couple of his friends received the scam throughout the last few weeks. He added that the email notified students about a part-time job position through their Knights Email account.

The email said that a Dr. Gina Lucas is in need of a pet sitter for nine hours every week for $400. It then told interested students to send a message to another email address using their private email.

"Typically, the scammer will send a check for the victim to purchase supplies, or broker a deal, and the person purchasing the items can keep the left over money for supplies," UCFPD said in a press release.

The UCFPD added that after the victim purchases the supplies and attempts to cash the check, it bounces- and this leaves them out of money and the victim of a crime.

The UCFPD said that all students who receive the email should report it to UCF’s Information Security Team by emailing details to SIRT@UCF.EDU.

Smith said that he has received so many scam emails and calls as a student that it has almost become normal to him. However, he said that this email was so convincing that he almost responded.

“It’s pretty scary because if I did, I could have had my personal information stolen or even showed up and been kidnapped,” Smith said.

Smith added that he believes it is important for students to notify spam emails so that they know not to get involved.

Junior kinesiology major Ashleigh Ingram was another UCF student who received the scam message in her Knights Email account.

Unlike Smith, Ingram said once she read the email she knew it was fake.

“I’ve never got a random job offer in my Knights email,” Ingram said. “Not to mention, $400 a week seemed too good to be true.”

The UCFPD said in the release that emails from UCF will always be obvious.

"Legitimate emails from UCF will always come from a ucf.edu email address and will not ask you to reply from a personal email address or include personal information, login credentials or passwords," the UCFPD said.

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