The National Weather Service said Tuesday morning that Hurricane Irma was an extremely dangerous Category 5 storm. According to an advisory from the National Weather Service, Irma has maximum sustained winds of 180 mph.

The storm is moving at 14 mph. Irma is expected to hit Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands Wednesday afternoon with life-threatening winds, storm surge and rainfall. Computer models show the hurricane moving towards the Dominican Republic and Cuba on Friday and into Saturday.

Students around UCF are starting to prepare and making plans in case Hurricane Irma hits.

Richard Bielski has lived in Florida his whole life. His family lives in Miami and he is planning to travel home to help his family prepare.

“[I’ll] possibly go help my mom out with some shutters,” he said. “I’m going to get some water, wait for UCF to tell me when I have to be back at school and go help my mom.”

Angela Perez is originally from Puerto Rico and said she believes students need to prepare for the worst if Hurricane Irma hits.

“The most important thing to do is to stay in groups, don’t try to stay by yourself because at least if you have a group of people, they would know what to do,” she said.

Bielski also said he thinks students who are not from the area need to take it seriously.

“It’s not a joke. Just go get water make sure you hunker down, and don’t mess with it," Bielski said.

Many models show the storm turning north towards Florida by the weekend.

UCF released an email alert saying that university officials are closely monitoring the path of Hurricane Irma. The email emphasized the importance of being prepared by having a plan and building a hurricane safety kit.

Check back on Knightly News for updates on Hurricane Irma.

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