A UCF Student Living Her Dream during COVID-19

Carolina Guzman, junior communication sciences and disorders major, has sweetened up her life by living her childhood dream during the pandemic. Her online business is baking various types cookies at her place for everyone who orders it. 

As a child Carolina Guzman dreamed of being a baker. Now, she gets to do just that, but said she never thought it would be during a pandemic. 

Guzman is the founder of Cookie Frookie, a small online cookie delivery service that offers different types of bakery delights.

Guzman created this business during COVID-19 as a way to do something she loved amidst the craziness. Now, she's still here baking cookies for all. She said she’s happy doing this because not only is it something she loves doing but she also loves seeing the joy it brings to her customers.

"I started making all different types of cookies and I had my family try them," Guzman said. "Then it got to the point where like 'OK, these are really good.'"

However, as much as she’s enjoying living the dream, the pandemic brings up many challenges in running her business. She said that main challenge for her is how busy she is throughout this time.

"I'm a full-time student, and I also have a part-time job, so its like trying to fit it into my schedule is the hardest part," Guzman said. 

When Guzman is overwhelmed, she has two roommates who help support her cookie business. Her roommates, Gabrielle Mastrorilli, a junior double majoring in psychology and criminal justice, and Alex Fonseca, a junior majoring in accounting, are always there to lend a helping hand. 

Mastrorilli said that the Guzman's business makes her want to be better and do more even during the pandemic. 

“This is gonna sound very cliché, but it makes me lucky that she's my friend because she's always pushing people around her to be better,” Mastrorilli said.

Guzman said that while her work does take up her time, she still doesn’t want her roommates to be burdened with her work. Fonseca, however, said otherwise, stating that it is always good to help your friends when they need it, especially if they don't always ask for it.

“If they don't ask for help, help them anyways, because you know she needs help but she won't admit it," Fonseca said. "I was like 'I can help you' and she's like 'really?'"

In the future Guzman hopes that once everything has calmed down, she can open up her own bakery shop where her childhood dream can be completed.

"When I graduate, I would like to open up a little shop, but it just depends, I think, that's too far in the future to figure out right now, but I definitely won't wanna stop," Guzman said. "I love doing it and I love how happy it makes everyone."

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