UCF Police Arrest Vending Machine Vandalizer

While Marshall was waiting in his holding cell, he broke the glass on the door by slamming his body against it. 

Just before midnight on Tuesday, police at the University of Central Florida apprehended Steven Marshall.

Police Chief Richard Beary said Marshall is suspected of attempting to break in to various vending machines across campus.

Two officers spotted Marshall on the fourth floor of the Engineering 2 building.

Marshall told the officers that his name was “Chris.”

The officers said they recognized Marshall from a bulletin they saw before the shift.

They say that when they tried to handcuff the man, he ran from the police, but was tackled by one of the officers.

He had a tire iron hidden in his waist band at the time of the incident, police said.

They said he put up a fight when the officers tried to apprehend him.

This is not Marshall’s first run-in with UCFPD.

Police said he had an active trespass warning on him at the time of the arrest.

Beary called him a “career criminal.”

Police said Marshall caused $1500 in estimated damage when he broke the door off the holding cell he was being held in at the UCF Police Department.

Beary encouraged students to keep track of the access cards they are given to campus buildings.

“When we open the doors and let bad guys in, bad things happen,” Beary said. “So that access card is for you. Protect it.

"Don’t let people in that don’t belong here on campus.”

Marshall is facing charges of criminal mischief, trespassing on school property with a weapon, as well as other charges.

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