Safety at SunRail stations are increasing after three accidents occurred with pedestrians on Aug. 11 and 28 and Sept. 21.

This comes after pedestrians weren't looking before crossing the tracks and taking chances to cross the track knowing the train was coming.

Steve Olson, communications manager for the florida department of transportation said SunRail is looking to increase the number of security guards at the station.

"We will continue our safety outreach, continue to work with law enforcement and work on increasing pedestrian safety around the tracks, since all the deaths involved people on foot or placing themselves of an oncoming train, says Olson."

Olson said that $400,000 is being budgeted to install chain link fencing at 12 locations along the rail corridor in Orange and Seminole counties.

He also said that pedestrians need to avoid distractions.

"We need drivers, pedestrians and bicyclists to be careful around trains, obey crossing signals, not to linger around tracks and be mindful that trains can come at any time, from any direction," Olson said.

Until further action is taken to figure out ways to keep pedestrians safe, SunRail said it monitors the platforms remotely with security equipment and it has some on-platform ambassadors to help travelers so they can keep an eye out for suspicious incidents after several pedestrians that were killed weren't careful crossing the train tracks.

David Delgado, a junior mathematics major, said he's ridden the SunRail, the metro in Miami and trains in Chicago and said pedestrians need to be more aware of their surroundings.

"Usually, I feel like people are in a rush to get across and focus more on themselves and not other people around them. I don't think there's much SunRail can do other than show signs to show pedestrians not to cross," Delgado said.

Graduate student, Zubi Husein said there's not much SunRail can do because a train can only do so much. He said if it's too late to stop, it's too late to stop, and he doesn't know why pedestrians are on the tracks.

"A lot of automated cars nowadays have sensors, land sensors and accident sensors. So, I think there might be some way of having some kind of sensor of where a train can notice a pedestrian," Husein said. "It'll sound the horn automatically , so  you won't have to have someone in the front always monitoring to see if there are pedestrians near the track so they can blow the horn to inform them to get away from the train tracks."

Olson also said that despite the SunRail accidents that are occurring, train crews are trained to be mindful of security matters, and that private security was employed temporarily during special events last year and early this year.

Gladys Kahara said that she's rode SunRail and trains in general and that SunRail should have better warnings because she's been in areas where there are no lights or signs.

"It would be good if SunRail adds light that flashes when the train is about to pass a certain section," Kahara said. "I know I've been at train crossings where you don't know if the train is coming or not because there's no warning lights at all."


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