Vending machines are a common thing at universities, with water, snacks and even ice cream, but one company is adding a new item... pizza. These vending machines operate just like a normal vending machine, but there's one difference that has Giselle Sandra optimistic.

 "I can go through my cell phone and i can see how many pizzas are inside the machine, what is the temperature of the machine, if the machine went out of service I can reset or do some type of configuration."

Cottage Inn Pizza is a local company right off UCF’s campus. General Manager Breanna Fischer said her sales may take a hit at first, but believes these machines will just be a fad.

 "There's no way to call back if you've had a bad order, if you've got the wrong pizza, if you get an undercooked pizza you know.  You can't take it back there and physically give it to somebody and know they're going to give you a new pizza exactly the way you asked for."

Blaze Pizza is another pizza company near u-c-f known for their fast fire. Their GM Scott Lefler has similar views when it comes to sales.

 "I don't believe it'll affect our sales and there's absolutely no comparison from a vending machine compared to blaze pizza."

Despite what others may say, Sandra still believes pizza touch can be successful in Central Florida.

 "I think UCF has great potential, I just need an open door”, she said. She hopes to continue discussions with u-c-f in the coming months.


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