Only 46 days until election day and Hillary Clinton stopped by Orlando this week, in an effort to attract more votes.

Clinton’s rally focused on issues important to people with disabilities and called for a more inclusive America. The rally hit home for UCF student, Geannie Bastian.

“Like for myself I have cerebral palsy, but my mind is here,” said Bastian. “I can do a great many things, and I got great many things I want to do, and stories I want to tell and it started with education."

Bastian studies film cinema at UCF, but already has a bachelor’s in English.

"There's still a lot of gaps that need to be filled in, but this is one place that we're getting started on and UCF does a pretty good job of it," said Bastian.

And Clinton agreed. She stated accessibility can no longer be an after-thought and needs to be a priority.

"We're going to work with our colleges and universities to make them more accessible to students with disabilities,” said Secretary Clinton. “To have a truly inclusive economy, we need a truly inclusive education system, so let's raise our standards."

Bastian says too often people with disabilities are simply invisible or seen as a problem.

"Regardless of my disability and regardless of the fact that I'm an older student, I'm a student in that classroom just like you," said Bastian.

Bastian hopes people stop defining her and others by their disability. Clinton will face off with Donald trump at this year's first presidential debate on Monday the 26. It will be broadcast on all networks. CNN will host a pre and post forum in the Pegasus ballroom.

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