A Haunted Maze for a Cause

One of the scare props inside of the Haunted Maze. Central Florida resident George Goldstein designs the haunted maze every year for a different charity. 

Face paint, costumes and decorations, with Halloween around the corner one Central Florida resident is using the holiday to raise money for charity.

George Goldstein backyard is riddled with skeletons, werewolves and goblins all for a good cause. Every year Goldstein and his brother transform their backyard into the Haunted Maze. At every turn in the maze, props scare those who dare to walk past.

Goldstein's corky personality is what prompted him to start this haunted charity event.

"I'm a little strange and eccentric," Goldstein said.

He builds a maze every year and raise money for a specific charity that the entire team choses. They donate a portion of the proceeds made throughout the season. This year the funds will be donated to a Hurricane Irma relief, the Haunted Maze team is still deciding which foundation the funds will go to.

The Haunted Maze was built from the ground up seven years ago with the help of Daniel Pelletier, one of the scare actors.

Every year Pelletier tweaks the maze making it a little different each time. Last year the maze had 13 rooms, this year it was cut down to five.

"We wanted more of a maze, we wanted to scare more,” Pelletier said.

Inside the maze scare actors roam the halls waiting to terrify their next victims. The actors are all volunteers who donate their time every year at the Haunted Maze.

“It’s just a bunch of volunteers who love coming  together  for Halloween, scaring people and doing a bunch of cool things,” said volunteer scare actor Matty Pierce.

Roughly 1,500 people entered the haunted yard last year Goldstein said. His hopes are to raise more money for those in need.

UCF puts on its on its own haunted trail similar to Goldstein. UCF Late Knights Director Samantha Medina said this year they are going bigger and better. 

"Its just an amazing experience that you get on campus, you know its safe, there's people looking out for you," Medina said. "You're going to make memories that last a life time."

Both trails are centered on a good cause, UCF's for safe student fun and Goldestein's for charities in need.

Goldstein plans to expand the maze to a building in the near future. Until then the Maze will continue to run out of his backyard. It is now open Friday and Saturday from 7 p.m. to 11 p.m. and on Halloween Day until midnight. The Maze can be found at 3209 Calloway Dr, Orlando, FL 32810.

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