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In today's webcast we will tell you about the minimum wage protests that were held across the country and what UCF is doing for Shut Out Trafficking Week. 

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Jordan Pingel grew up loving volleyball. Both of her parents played in college and play a huge role in her career.

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In today's webcast we will tell you how you can relax and alleviate stress as you prepare for finals. We'll also tell you what UCF officials are doing to make the roads around campus safer for pedestrians. 

Today we'll tell you about the plane crash in Coloumbia that killed 75 people as well as give you an update on the Ohio State University Attack. 

Today we'll you about the Ohio State University shooting as well as important deadlines for financial aid and the latest on the Dakota Pipeline protest.  

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  • Deirnesa Jefferson

A single cup of mac and cheese… for UCF student Elizabeth Rosa this is dinner. It’s also lunch and breakfast. Sometimes a cup of mac and cheese is the only meal Rosa will have all day.

  • Orlando is one of the biggest communities for the Super Smash Brothers scene.

Super Smash Brothers Melee is a popular Nintendo title released in 2001. The series originally started in 1999, and has two titles after Melee.

Today, we'll tell you how a classic video game is standing the test of time. Plus, we'll show you how some students are showing kindness through coffee.

Today, we'll tell you about a recent change in the coaching staff at UCF. Plus, we'll show you how the UCF Recreation and Wellness Center is working to be more inclusive.

Today, we'll tell you about how UCF is honoring veterans. Plus, we'll give you a look at two parades that took place in downtown Orlando over the weekend.

UCF Knightly News reporter Deirnesa Jefferson shows us what's making news today on November 10, 2016.

Extensive security checks will be in place throughout the event. 

Watching sports for some college students is more interesting than for others. That's because there is more on the line than a win or a loss. Christopher Suto is a UCF graduate who said he bet on sports often while in school.

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  • Nydia Diaz

Other universities have banned him and cancelled his appearances. He's also banned from twitter. But conservative news editor Milo Yiannopoulos made his way to UCF and addressed a full house.

On today's webcast learn more about Down Syndrome Awareness month. Also, find out about the latest campus expansion that will open next year. In other news, see how officials are cracking down on drinking and driving with Halloween right around the corner. 

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  • Nydia Diaz

One local zoo is looking to be more of a community resource by creating new educational programs.

Early voting started today. Check with your local supervisor of elections website to find out specific locations and times. Also, the popular creepy crown epidemic is making an impact on UCF students' Halloween costume choices. We'll tell you how to have fun this Halloween, while also staying safe.

UCF Knightly News reporter Nydia Diaz gives us a recap on the Senate Debate that took place on UCF campus last night...and the drama that followed. 

  • E-sports and their growth

Video games are no longer simply a form of home entertainment. For many, they’re a competition with scholarships and prize money on the line.

Two assaults near campus- updates and what police are doing to keep you safe. Plus, Hillary Clinton's trip to Orlando and what she had to say about an inclusive America. In sports, more about the new starting freshman quarterback for the Knights.

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The Centers for Disease Control reports that since 1999, the number of overdose deaths involving opioids nearly quadrupled.

Vending machines are a common thing at universities, with water, snacks and even ice cream, but one company is adding a new item... pizza. These vending machines operate just like a normal vending machine, but there's one difference that has Giselle Sandra optimistic.

Opening 93 years ago, tinker field was once a popular spot for professional baseball. Eddie Taubensee, a former major league baseball player played on tinker field in 1988 and knows the history behind it.

  • Recent polls show third party candidates are getting more attention this election year.

A new poll by Civiqs shows roughly 14 percent of voters say they plan to vote for someone other than Clinton or Trump, or are still undecided.

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A recent study from the centers for disease control shows that since 1999, suicide rates among females continue to increase. However, one student from the University of Central Florida overcame that statistic.

The winless 20-15 season did not stop fans from coming out to support the team on Saturday. The knights took the field for the first time with first year head coach Scott Frost. Playing in a new high tempo offense, u-c-f ran 91 plays in total which is the most since 2002 against Kent State. …

  • Orlando Community Still Strong

Pokémon fever swept the nation this summer when Nintendo’s monster catching app hit the market, and the Orlando community showed they have potential to be the very best.

Like many international students, Ximena Gonzalez dreamt of studying in the united states. The transition from Venezuela to the u-s had its ups and downs. "I feel it was pretty smooth, but it wasn't that easy.  I already knew English.  I could speak well, but something you don't really think…