Even before students can walk into Key West Ballroom in the Student Union, where salsa music pulses from the inside, students who have to signed up for the Latin Rhythm Dance classes are dancing in line in excitement for the classes. 

“My purpose as an instructor here at Latin Rhythm is to empower people” said Juanes Arias one of the instructor, of the Casino Salsa classes “I empower them by making new friends, developing new skills, develop confidence on themselves." 

With over 2,000 followers on Facebook, Latin Rhythm offers Casino Salsa and Bachata classes throughout the year.

L’oreal Smith a UCF student from South Florida, hope to learn Salsa and Bachata by assisting to the classes.

“I am from South Florida and the Hispanic culture is very integrated there," Smith said. "I always love to dance but I don’t know how to dance Salsa formally, so I hope to learn and meet new people," Smith said.

If you’re ready for new friends, Latin Rhythm has nearly 100 people per semester in both Bachata and Salsa classes. The class is very diverse with man and woman form different races and culture. Currently UCF students are joined by students from other schools as well. Instructor Brandon Aulet said.

“You get people from everywhere, both the instructors and the students," Aulet said. "It’s pretty amazing how dance bring you together no matter what.”

Latin Rhythm's goal is to give people the gift of dancing, to open doors for making new friends and to teach people about Latino culture.

Jailene Caraballo, a UCF student from Puerto Rico said that she come to the class because it has gave her social skills.

“I was shy before, and now I go to new members, old members and I just talk to them and teach them because I am learning to become an instructor." Caraballo said. 

With around 15 instructors of diverse backgrounds, Latin Rhythm holds Salsa classes every Tuesday at 9:00p.m.  in the Student Union.  Bachata classes are held every other Thursday at 8:30p.m.  Membership starts at $25.00 for the semester or $40.00 for the year, and include access to several fun socials throughout the year.

Latin Rhythm  can be reached by email at latin.rhythm@live.com or their Facebook page Latin Rhythm at UCF.    


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