Caterine Cortez Masto, former Nevada attorney general, is the first ever Latina to get elected for the Senate. 

Only 20 percent of the House of Representative and the Senate are women, accoring to Pew Research Center. 

Hispanics makeup an even smaller part with 32 members accounting for 12 percent of House and Senate. 

Catherine Cortez Masto's win as the first Latina Senator last week is a major win for minorities in politics,especially women of color.

Sandra Sousa, Latin American and Portuguese instructor, says this is an isnpiration for students and teachers alike. 

"If we see someone that looks like us and comes from our community, reaching top, I think student feel,myself included...motivated to work harder" said Sousa. 

Brianna Jones, a Political Science student, says there is not enough representation for women in the political atmosphere and hopes to see more change. 

"I think that hopefully this will be an eye opener for some people,hopefully, and not only in the political world" said Jones. 

During her campaign Masto, whose grandfather was Mexican, expressed her opposition for building a wall and called for a comprehensive immigration reform and a path to citizenship. 

Masto said on twitter that as a Senator she would be "a heck of a check and balance on Donald Trump."

Masto will be the fourth Hispanic to serve in the Senate. She will be joining Senators Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz and Robert Menendez. 

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