The Lembranza Dancers is a dance company that’s preserving Spanish tradition with Cuban rhythms and with fusion of flamenco. The company is based in Junco Sur, Cuba.

Lembranza Dancers began in 1996 by a group of Galicians hoping revitalize the Galician dance on the island. After some time, they began to introduce different types of dances from other regions of Spain and eventually Cuban and modern dances.

Girls ages 5 to 18 years old learn not only to dance, but also to grow.

The girls must pass three different levels before they can dance for the company.

“It's a really nice job where we can help all the girls and boys develop into better human beings and contribute to Cuban society,” said Nelvi Gonzalez Liba, director of the Lembranza Dancers.

Some parents said they have seen notable changes in their children.

“The way she behaves has changed. My daughter was very timid and had trouble socializing, but when she entered the group, and with the help of her teacher, she has learned to overcome her fears and she has totally lost her fear,"  said Liudmila Sosa Castillo, mother of a Lembranza dancer. "It's very emotional knowing that she's doing what she loves. I look at the faces of people that are watching her and I see how much they're smiling and enjoying themselves.”

“Dance is a tool to transform or modify the mindset of these girls, whether it's feelings of anxiety, envy, if they're struggling in school, in their environments,” said Liba.

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