Blogging has evolved in the last couple of years, sparking discussion on all kinds of topics, ranging from food, fashion, books, interior design and pretty much any kind of hobby one can think of. Although it can be fun, creating an online presence might sometimes feel like a full-time job.

For Kelly Capen, a freshman majoring in marketing, blogging has taken over her days and has opened her eyes to a bigger and brighter online world.

To document her life on the Web, Capen founded Just Kell in February, a blog dedicated to life and style.

“It started off as a hobby. I like posting things of what I like to do; it’s kind of like a diary,” Capen said. “Now I’m just obsessed with blogging and I love sharing everything that I’m doing and showing people different things. It makes me grow as a person, too.”

Despite being around for less than a year, Just Kell already has more than 1,000 page views per month. Her Facebook page, which was created at the end of March, has already garnered more than 200 likes.

Blogging isn’t just a hobby for Capen, and the experience has gone beyond just showcasing her own taste. It’s a way to promote herself and let the world know about her interest in fashion, life and style. Just Kell has even helped Capen gain experience in marketing.

“It makes me grow as a person. I’m learning about everything that I’m posting along the way,” Capen said. “I just have different things that I’m trying to do with it [the blog] because it is still in its baby steps right now so I’m just seeing what I like and taking the process slow.”

“Perfection is a slow process and I’m a perfectionist.”

Freshman and business major Emma Everhart began following Just Kell after seeing Capen post an Instagram picture about the start of the blog.

“I like how they [the blog posts] are personable and I also like the things she talks about,” Everhart said. “It’s not just about fashion. It’s about a variety of things.”

Kendall Minning, a sophomore majoring in accounting, is roommates with Capen and began following her blog right when it began.

“I’ve always looked up to her fashion advice and so I thought her blog would be an easy way to be ‘in the know,’” Minning said. “Instead of asking her every time I’m trying to put an outfit together, I’ve started going to the blog and seeing it if matches her style.”

Starting the blog was an important step in Capen’s life, but continuing to post her own style was equally important.

“Do what you like. Try not to go towards what people are looking for,” Capen said. “Don’t go for the norm. Follow what you like.”

Instagram: @Just_Kell

Twitter: @JustKell_

Facebook: Just Kell


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