Like many children growing up, junior biology major Beatriz Facanha had a passion for animals. Unlike some, she decided to dedicate her life to them. When Facanha is not studying for classes, she can often be found helping the most at risk animals in Orange County.

Her first rescue in the community started with her very own own dog, Lucky.

“I saw this sign that said free puppies," Facanha said. "I called the person listing them and visited the mom and three babies. They were being kept outdoors in a shed. The dogs had never stepped foot inside a house. That’s when I knew I had to do something.” 

She ended up adopting the littlest puppy and arranged for a rescue to help find the others homes.

Ever since helping Lucky, Facanha has helped countless dogs in the area.

She said every week she posts pages for dogs that are “at risk of being euthanized” in the area in hopes of finding them loving homes. Facanha said social media is the best platform for this, as these dog’s pages can then be shared all across the United States. She also collects donations of pet supplies and gives them to local shelters.

Facanha is now the vice president at UCF Don’t Shop, Adopt and said that she likes sharing her message with other UCF students.

Facanha plans to go to vet school where she can pursue her dream of helping animals.

Originally published on Nov. 19, 2017. 
Correction: Facanha is vice president of UCF's Don't Shop, Adopt. Centric originally reported the organization as Adopt, Don't Shop. 

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