Knights on Cue

Jordan Stebbins, a Junior studying Computer Science and a pledged member of the potential UCF Billiards club, lines up a shot while playing a game of billiards in the Student Union game room on Nov. 9, 2017.

On the third floor of the UCF Student Union, amid the din of the student game room, the clacking of pool and billiard balls can be heard. It is here where the group of UCF Knights, who aim to start the UCF Billiards Club currently practice.

"We have 15 people ready to join the club so far," said Neil Chang, who is in the process of starting the UCF Billiards Club.

"I'm very excited," said Nishaan Boodhan, a Junior majoring in Computer Engineering and a soon-to-be member of the potential club. "We've been talking about it all semester."

Billiards is a favorite hobby among Chang and his friends, which is why he wants to start a RSO Billiards club. As it is now, Chang and his fellow pool-jockeys practice on the single billiards table in the Student Union game room.

"If we're not doing homework, this is where we are at," said Jordan Stebbins a Junior majoring in Computer Science and another hopeful club member.

"Ideally, we would like somewhere exclusive for members, perhaps where we can have two tables, but that might get expensive. So there is the possibility of using club dues to make an arrangement with a local pool hall, to have a place to be able to play and practice," Chang said.

While still in the process of getting the club registered, Chang and his cohorts haven't slowed in their pursuit of billiards excellence.

"How often do I play? I shouldn’t say but every day. At least Monday through Thursday I come up for at least an hour and shoot with the guys, cause you know I'm trying to create something with them," Chang said. 

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